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Video: A Harvard semester in 30 minutes.

I learned almost everything I know about column writing and publishing from Jeffrey Seglin at Harvard University. He has been teaching for decades and currently writes "The Right Thing," a syndicated weekly ethics column published by The New York Times Syndicate before being picked up by Tribune Media in 2010.

Jeff has graciously allowed me to post this video he recorded in 2021. The video summarizes most of the key aspects of his Harvard course DPI830B: Column and Opinion Writing. The course was one of the most sought-after at the Harvard Kennedy School, and every semester required a lottery system to assign students due to over-enrollment.

Though he always claims, "the course is more popular among students who don't know me," I and many others feel particularly lucky to have had the opportunity to work with him.

If you prefer to view the video on YouTube, you can find it here.


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