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You have something to contribute. I want to help you communicate it.

Welcome to The Sapper Scribe

The Sapper Scribe is for servicemembers that have something to say but don't know where to start.


Early in my career, the Army erased the last of my love for writing. It happened somewhere between reading AR 25-50 and counting exactly five lines before the signature block on a memo.


The military encourages writing more and more as you move up in your career, but most of our professional journals favor long, dry research papers. We have dozens of scholarly journals and magazines, but there are more opportunities to make your voice heard. The only barrier is knowledge of the process.

I want to show you that your opinions and views are legitimate and critical to our success as a profession. Opinion writing is more than rants you see on social media, it's an accessible and power form of debate that moves our discussions forward.


The Sapper Scribe is a way to pass on the “hidden knowledge” of writing. Those who know, take it for granted, and those that don’t know, never know what to ask.

  • What is getting "published?" Where do I start?

  • Is my idea worth reading?

  • Who do I get in contact with and what should I expect?

  • Am I allowed to write about the military?


There are a thousand places that will help you improve your writing. What I want to do is help you become a writer, and maybe, be your first publisher.



  • Short Blog Entries - Covering concepts, practices, styles, and topics of interest.

  • Editing - Looking for an extra set of eyes? Submit your original work on any subject and we'll look through it and give some advice.

  • Publication - Let the Sapper Scribe be your first publisher. We'll work with you as an editor, giving you experience in the process. Selected pieces will be published on The Sapper Scribe.

  • General Questions - Send any writing questions you have, and we'll do my best to answer them either directly, or in a blog post.

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